Imaginary of the Common: 50 years of Sultan’s Oeuvre

10 September 2021 - 4 December 2021

The exhibition titled Imaginary of the Common: 50 years of Sultan’s Oeuvre showcases the works of one of the most influential artists and early pioneers of modern art in Bangladesh. Sheikh Mohammed Sultan (1923-1994) or ‘Sultan’ as he is fondly known in Bangladesh, believed in an arcadia where happiness and contentment reigned. In countless paintings, mostly oils, and some in striking watercolours, Sultan painted the same sinewy human figures, symbolically representing the inner strength of the peasant folk, in an almost revered and illusory role.

In oils, charcoal drawings, watercolours, photographs and memorabilia, as well as films, interviews and installations, the exhibition attempts to elucidate Sultan’s life, the process of his artmaking, and the artist’s poetic vision, whereby cementing his loyalty for his land and people; and the ensuing emancipatory knowledge preserved for future generations. The exhibition includes key works which are being publicly exhibited for the first time.

10 September to 4 December 2021
On view from 3-8 pm every day, except on Sundays
Quamrul Hassan Exhibition Hall
Level 2, Bengal Shilpalay, House 42, Road 27, Sheikh Kamal Sarani
Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209

Terms & Conditions:
– Entry to the exhibition is free and open to all.
– Anything larger than a small handbag/ purse (max. size 8 in. x 6 in.) will not be allowed inside the exhibition hall.
– Professional cameras are not allowed to be brought in.
– Flash photography is strictly prohibited inside the exhibition hall.
– No video or arranged photo session is allowed inside the exhibition hall.
– A maximum of 10 (ten) visitors are permitted to enter the exhibition hall at any one. time.
– Please wear a mask when you enter the exhibition hall and maintain 3 feet distance at all times.
Visitors are requested to cooperate with security personnel. To know more about the exhibition, call 01844050577 (11 am to 8 pm) or write to