Finger on the Pulse: Three generation artists portraying the Bangladesh “Now”

Dec, 2018

Finger on the pulse is organised around fragments. The exhibition showcases works by eight Bangladeshi artists whose age span covers three generation. They practice on various media and develop idiosyncratic view on the events surrounding them: there is no shared form or theme to unite them in a linear presentation. Yet a story, fragile and trembling as it might be, emerges from the juxtaposition. Loosely assembled, multifaceted, it has no clear beginning and no definitive end. It stitches facts, emotions and anecdotes that, taken together, might well sketch Bangladesh’s “now”. As Glissant, the great thinker of the difference, once remarked, the unity of a whole can also be found in series of ruptures and fractures and should not rely on the harmony of congruent forms.

The participating artists are Dilara Begum Jolly, Mahbubur Rahman, Imran Hosain Piplu, Anisuzzaman Sohel, Promotesh Das Pulak, Mizanur Rahman Sakib, Marzia Farhana and Abir Shome.

Akar Prakar Gallery, New Delhi